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Handzame en gebruiksvriendelijke wanddiktemeter

Automatische Probe Zero Kalibratie

Geschikt voor vele materialen zoals staal, roestvrijstaal, aluminum, glas, polystyrene.

Door coating meten (E-E)

Meetbereik: E-E: 4-25mm T-E: 0.65-400mm

Wanddiktemeter KT-100D

SKU: 231004
  • The Through-Coating thickness measurement (E-E) Pocket Size, easy to operate

    Automatic Probe Zero calibration

    Automatic probe identification

    Measuring Range: E-E: 4-25mm T-E: 0.65-400mm (Range depends on probe-material combination)

    Memory: 5000 readings with location number (KT-200D)

    Data output: USB to PC (KT-200D)

    Three measurement modes: T-E, E-E,

    Scan 9 material velocities are stored for selection,

    Or input the new velocity manual

  • Main unit Standard 5MHz transducer


    Operation manual

    Two AAA batteries

    Buit-in calibration block 4mm

    Carrying case

    Couplant 40 Oz


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